BARAKATECH delivers cutting-edge custom software services worldwide to customers from startups & SMBs to big companies as an extension to R&D division. 

To build great software and applications, you need a talented development team who understands your business needs. Our team of experts will choose a custom solution to fit your idea, timeline and budget, then design and build the application and help you test it with users so you can truly grow.


How we got here?


Our process is Agile

  • We work quickly and efficiently using a software development process based on Scrum.

  • We regularly provide you with new versions of the software product.

  • We can easily adapt to scope changes according to your business needs.

  • We encourage effective teamwork with everyone focused on the same goal.

  • We’re fully transparent and provide frequent progress updates.

  • We can start the project quickly based on use cases.

  • You can start small and scale the team along with your business.

We love effective communication


for daily communication

Invision & Balsamiq

for wireframes & designs


for project management

Google Docs


for collaborating on documentation

for code-related issues

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