We at BARAKATECH function as builder, while you as partner in a way function as a marketeer. You can rebrand our product as if it were yours, add your own product and give it your own name as if you produced it all yourself. 


By using a white label solution from BARAKATECH you will be able to deliver the desired product to your customer.

Payment Engine

Digital Wallet

KYC Module

E-Sign App

Payment Engine

BARAKA Blockchain based Payment Module, allows anything connected to the internet to transfer assets fast, safely and at low cost.

  • Integrated Blockchain Module;

  • Built-in KYC Module;

  • Fast Merchant on-boarding process with KYC compliance;

  • Stellar based real-time settlement;

  • Start receive online payments in minutes through API integration;

  • Payment through QR codes & deep-links;

  • Merchant Dashboard;

  • Back Office Platform

  • Mobile Wallets


The Solution

  • Cheap

    • p2p, p2b, c2b, b2c, g2b, etc.. transactions, no intermediaries, low transaction fees

  • Fast

    • No intermediaries

    • < 5 seconds settlement time

  • Secure

    • Secure Ledger cannot be altered or tampered with

    • Can add very secure non-physical authentication layer

    • KYC module & User Analytics against identity theft


Digital Wallet

BARAKATECH Mobile Wallet  allows users to transfer money for their daily needs securely. With the Baraka Mobile Wallet solution, you can send, spend, and manage your money from your own digital wallet.

  • Fully customizable Digital Wallet.

  • Simple & Secure, Multiple ways to log into the App – Phone Number, Touch Authentication, Passcode, or Password.

  • Can be integrated Visa or MasterCard, 

  • Can be integrated with Banks

  • Can be integrated with BlockChain

  • KYC Module 

  • Peer to Peer Money transfers

  • Can be integrated with third party services

  • Available on IOS & Android 


KYC Module

BARAKATECH's KYC Module, allows KYC check fast, cheap, reliable and with an exceptional customer experience designed uniquely for mobile customers.

KYC Module is an application that enables organizations to better manage their KYC processes for both individuals and corporates. A white labelled, customizable, end-to-end solution to streamline the on-boarding process for your mobile customers, and greatly improve efficiency for your compliance team.

Our plug and play compliance process integration means you can push data to your application and extract information for your other business units with ease.


Blockchain Based E-Sign App

Electronically Send and Sign documents easily, through Blockchain with Multi-Sig mobile wallets.

  • Document Management Module 

  • User Onboarding Module

  • Mobile Apps (IOS & Android )

  • BackOffice Module


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