Most companies do not want software! They want happy customers and they want sales.. Thats why we're creating transformational values with our services. Let's </code> more software with and for your customer's needs.

Custom Software Development

Lean Product Development

Digital Transformation

Custom Software Development

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Loyalty Programs

Efficient solutions to strengthen your sales, brand and customer loyalty.

We like to code in the area of Digital Banking, Open Banking, Blockchain, B2B payments and Remittances.


We integrate analytical and reporting capabilities into your software applications and business processes.

EmbeddedBI Modules

We deliver information management solutions for creating and managing information across corporate environments,

The latest tech give us many crucial benefits, from the highest level of security with blockchain to reliable automation with AI.

Custom platforms that enable publishers to capture, distribution, storage and systematic management of unstructured digital assets.

Information Management
The Latest Tech
Platform Delivery

At BARAKATECH We follow best practice development processes and offer excellent software quality. We offer autonomous, dedicated teams consisting software engineers, frontend developers, backend developers, QA engineers, business analysts and scrum masters embedded directly with your team.

Our team will not only architect and code your software but also advise you on every step of the full product development cycle and beyond.

We like agile development principles which guarantee incremental iterative delivery but also allow you to control the pace and the budget with every bi-weekly sprint.


Lean Product Development

From ideating with a prototype, testing a product with an MVP, to finding a product-market fit and finally, scaling, We help companies at each stage of the product development cycle.

At BARAKATECH our agile development teams target to launch your product as soon as possible, test it with real users, iterate, find the most suitable product-market fit for your business, then finally engineer a scalable version.

By using Lean methodology with Scrum framework and tools, we aim to deliver efficiency on in a cost-effective manner with measurable results.


Digital Transformation

BARAKATECH can help you implement the right technology and channels to execute an efficient digital strategy. Our team of technology experts along with our product experts can help you to innovate and differentiate your services in a disrupting marketplace.


We deliver the technology that you handle in a cost-effective manner, with the measurable ROI.


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