Our SuperAPP Platform

The platform-based business model is taking a stronger grip on the digital economies. In fact, seven out of ten of the world’s most valuable companies today are platforms. Most recently, this trend has accelerated even further as companies cross-industry have started to shift away from single-purpose to multipurpose apps, resulting in the rise of a brand new breed of product – the Super App.



Brands are looking to add value with a mobile app to touch and provide relevant offers to their users and motivate them to install.

  • can not keep their users inside and engaged all the time;

  • users uninstall their app after a while;

  • and all the efforts and money are wasted!


Simple Onboarding & KYC Process

Send / Receive R. Points / P2P Transactions

Buy Tickets


Taxi Service

Customer Service / Chat

Car Rental Service

Food Delivery

Super App.png

Store Debit / Credit Cards

Deposit / Withdraw Money / Mobile Refill

eCommerce / Spend Reward Points

Hotel Reservations

Buy / Sell Pegasus Stocks

Travel Financing

City Transportation Services

Social Interactions

Restaurant Reservations

Consumers embrace brands that are able to provide a service with a clear and intuitive interface; that service is then augmented by adding other services/functions.

Users will be very loyal to an app that is easy to use, friction free, functional, provides good services and allows for a multifaceted experience.

 With the easy-super app structure developed by BARAKATECH, your Super App goes live in 1 month with numerous partners and APIs already integrated.


Our API Gateway supports easy on-boarding of partners and minimize time-to- market of new services, and create new revenue streams.


Users will be able to reach multiple / various services through our super app platform, increasing frequency of visits.


Gain more insight about your customer through offering different services from different sectors. Know your customer better! (KYCB)

Super App Platform.png

It’s very hard and expensive to develop a SuperAPP for brands:


need a lot of expertise, technology, resources and effort to develop a frictionless app; complex API ecosystem and partner network.