MenaPay replaces traditional payment with blockchain based fully backed cryptocurrency and provides secure and transparent payment gateway to enable P2P transaction in every aspect of daily life.

MenaPay revolutionary approach replaces cash and traditional banking tools used for online and offline transactions in daily life.


MenaPay Platform is used in diverse places such as; restaurants, coffee shops, shopping malls, gas stations, vending machines, online platforms.

MenaPay allows users to transfer money for their daily needs securely. With the MenaPay Super APP, you can send, spend, and manage your money from your own digital wallet.

MenaPay merchants accept payments from the Unbanked Population Open a merchant account today in order to monetize 440 Million people in the Middle East and North Africa. Researches show that around 84% of this population is unbanked. You can install MenaPay business app to your smartphone in order to track your sales easily.



The benefits of electronic documents, such as worldwide accessibility, ease of archiving and searching old records, cost savings on paper storage space, and decreased environmental footprint, go hand in hand with the concerns that electronic records can be more easily manipulated or even forged.
When it comes to digital documents and e-signing, it is blockchain technology that looks to put those concerns to rest.

We build the Document Management and E-Sign Service on Stellar Network for BCTR in 2019. The service integrated into a closed structure where different parties manage and sign various documents with various MultiSign authorities.

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